zondag 12 mei 2013

The Perfect Mothers Day Gift!


Do you remember those good old days when you were in kindergarden?
When you made your own mothers day gift. Like a jewelry box or a necklace made from pasta.
This year I decided to give my mom something special, something that
I made myself with lots of love. Just like those good old days haha.

I went shopping in Amsterdam in recently and we discovered this store while walking in the 9 streets.
It's a really cute store called beadies, where you can buy handmade jewelry, or you can make it yourself. The store is full of drawers and little cups filled with beautiful charms and beads in all the colors of the rainbow. You grab a bowl pick the beads and charms you like and write down the price. I've made a lot of jewelry when I was younger but normal craft stores don't have these beautiful beads.
Anyway I think it's a really cute idea for a gift for someone because you can adjust the jewelry to their taste and it's extra special because you've made it yourself. Me and my friend both made necklaces and our moms were really happy with them. :)

So tell me what did you get your mom for mothers day?

(A little late but) Happy mothers day!
Don't forget to give her a kiss.


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