maandag 21 januari 2013

Shoplog Primark again...

Hey Guys

I went shopping again! Omg I'm terrible. And it's even worse because there are more shoplogs coming.
(shopaholic maybe?)
Anyway I went to primark a little while ago, here's my stuff!


zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Bucketlist 2012

Happy new year!

2012 Has been an amazing year for me. It's strange how much can happen in a year.
On 31 december 2011 I made a bucketlist of things I wanted to do in 2012.
Of course I did not got to do everything (I had to leave something to wish for in 2013)
But I did cross off a lot of things on my list and even things that weren't even on the list.

Click to see what was on my list :)