donderdag 1 oktober 2015

DIY// Festival Wristband Display

The Festivalseason is coming to an end, but my mind is filled with fun memories and my arms are filled with Festival wristbands. I work at festivals so I've collected quite a lot this summer. I was looking for a nice way to display them and I came up with this. Hopefully you can find some inspiration in this project. Bye!

zondag 9 augustus 2015

Leaving for Sziget and Sziget 2014 aftermovie

Hey guys!

Today I'm leaving for the 2015 edition of Sziget Festival in Budapest.
I also went last year and it was an amazing experience.
Here are some pictures and the after movie from last year.

maandag 27 juli 2015

Vintage Lookbook #1

Hey guys!

This is the first video of a series where I show you my favorite vintage findings and how I wear them.

Ps. This is a really old vid, I recorded this last year.
Just found it back and decided to put it up anyway. Enjoy!

dinsdag 7 april 2015

British Open Championship Cheerleading 2015

A couple weeks ago me and my team went to compete at the British Open Championships for Cheerleading in Nottingham. It didn't go so well for us sad to say, but the trip has defiantly been good for team building. Besides it was fun to watch the other teams routines, the level in Britain is way higher then in Belgium. Which is not that surprising since it's a way more popular sport in the UK.
We were certainly inspired this weekend. Here are some pictures from the competition and I've made an after movie about it. Enjoy!