zaterdag 8 juni 2013


Hey Guys!

You may have already seen it on a couple blogs, today we're going to talk about Stylight!

Stylight an online fashion platform, where you can create and share boards
with your looks and inspiration, heart items and follow other inspirational users.
Another fun thing is that you can also discover awesome fashion webshops and order your favoutite items.
Stylight is a sort of fushion between fashionista, polyvore and lookbook.
I really like that I can also add music and quotes to my boards because I mostly post pictures of my outfits,
so I can show where I got my inspiration from. It did take some time for me to figure out how the website worked though,
but once you get it, it is really easy.
I think Stylight is a great addition for the online fashion community and I think it has lots of future growth potential. 

Do you have a Stylight profile? Tell me, I am looking for some cool people to follow.