donderdag 21 maart 2013

We The Kings concert 1-2-2013


Hey guys!

I went to the concert of We The Kings with a couple friends a while ago.
It was quite an adventure.

We got up early to get the train to Eindhoven. The concert started on 19.00 but Dynamo, the concert hall, often gives wristbands to a few who come early. So you can leave and come back later in the evening and you don't have to wait in the line again.When we got there there where already a couple others. It was raining and really cold but we could just sit under the roof. Sadly Dynamo didn't give any wristbands, going back had no use, and we didn't want others to take our place. We had been waiting pretty long already.So we got some food and blankets and camped out in front of the concert hall.
We waited for 8 hours! Which is really long for a concert of €12,50. And the majority of the people came at 5 o' clock or something.But I don't regret it. We just sat there chatting with the other fans, singing songs. One dude brought a guitar so we could all sing along. I had a lot of fun that day. 
I've got a picture with Travis and Charles! 
They were talking to some fans and they just wanted to go back to the tour bus. But I ran after them which caused me to spill my tea all over myself.
But they stopped and they were really nice to us. They thought it was really cool that we sat there waiting in the cold for so long and charles held my tea for me.
He said: Oh Sweetheart you're gonna burn yourself.
Already did that haha! But it was really nice of him, then I almost forgot my tea in my enthusiasm.
The concert was awesome, we stood front row against the stage. 
There were two support acts, I'll pick you up and NATIVES.
I really liked them, I already saw a gig of I'll pick you up earlier. The NATIVES were really good,
Big plans, and this Island are some songs you should definitely check out.
Finally We The Kings came out, they were amazing. I really enjoyed it.
My friends caught travis plectrum, a signed drumstick and a guitar snare.
I didn't catch anything but I don't mind I'm already really happy with the picture, and I also got a poster and a t-shirt. It was totally worth the waiting.


(source unknown)

(source: Ellen the awesome potato)
With Jasper from I'll pick you up.

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