dinsdag 19 februari 2013

New York City Girl In Antwerp

Hey guys!

O how I wish it was summer! 
Tan skin, the sun on my face, cycling to the city, going to the beach, free time, flowers in my hair, spending whole days in the park chatting and playing guitar.
I could go on forever.

Let's talk about Antwerp!
A while ago I went on a school trip to Antwerp. We went to an exposition about Madame Gres in the Fashion Museum. Madame Gres made gorgeous dresses, they look like they are made for goddesses. 
After the exposition we could go shopping, you can see some of my buys in the pictures.
The top is from Brandy Melville. I love that store! Everything looks so pretty and the whole setting is so detailed, like the little clothing hangers with ribbons and the changing rooms.
There also was a little vintage shop were everything was 1 euro.
Let me repeat this for you 1 euro!
Ok so maybe 90% of things were really really ugly.
If you're looking for an ugly sweater to win every ugly sweater competition in history. 
This store is a goldmine for you!
Apart from that there were a couple pearls in there, plus everything costed just 1 euro so you can use the fabric for something else.
I bought a really cute navy blue blazer and I'm really happy with it.
We also went to a store called Fish and Chips which is a really cool place. They also had an exposition of cute little drawings.

Words of wisdom!
Madame Gres and her dresses.

That was my trip to Antwerp. I really enjoyed it.
It still is one of my favorite city's.


10 opmerkingen:

  1. Die outfit is superleuk! Super leuk shirt en die ketting is echt mooi! Ennn die rugzak ook, waar heb je hem vandaan als ik vragen mag? :)

    1. Dankjewel! De rugzak is van de primark. xx

  2. Antwerpen is inderdaad een hele leuke stad! Ik ben nog nooit naar het modemuseum geweest, ga er eigenlijk alleen maar om te winkelen, haha.
    Die tekening met die eenhoorn is echt ongelooflijk leuk!

  3. Ik heb je genomineerd voor de Liebster Award, op mijn blog staan de regels :) xo

  4. Leuke dingen!
    Ik vind Antwerpen ook een hele leuk stad!

  5. Leuk! Die outfit ziet er ook erg leuk uit!

    Xx Alex

  6. Leuk dat je ons volgt! :D En wat een ontzettend leuk shirtje heb je gekocht!