vrijdag 23 november 2012

Ed Sheeran concert Amsterdam 20-11-12 Heineken Music Hall

Hey guys
As you can see I went to see Ed Sheeran last Tuesday. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!
I loved it! And it might sound really dramatic but it was one of the best nights of my life.
We were in line pretty early so we had to wait really really long.But we made some friends in the line haha. That's what I like about concerts too just the whole vibe.
When they opened the gates everybody started running like a maniac.
But we got really good places we were like 5 meters from the stage right in the center.
The support act was passenger which was awesome I like all his songs.
I cried during traveling alone so beautiful and sound of silence and holes and I hate haha. 
(Ok I loved everything)
Then Ed came and it was just amazing omg. His voice is just perfection.
And the way he interacts with the audience.

There are no background dancers, outfit changes, no fire explosions.
It's just him in a baggy top and an undersized guitar.

I loved all the songs I had the best time ever. 
It was so beautiful I can't even describe it                                                                                       There were lots of funny moments to when some girl threw a back of crisps on stage.
Ed was just like: Hey crisps thank you! Who's hungry? And later passenger came on stage and asked if he still had some crisps. And then somebody threw a package of stroopwaffles.
The crowd was awesome too because everybody just had fun sang along.
And when slow silent songs came on it was dead silent beautiful!
And when Ed played the last song 'the A'Team' the crowd was filled with little lights
soooo gorgeous.
I loved the concert so much I had the best time ever!

I filmed a piece of Wayfaring Stranger I like to share it with you.

Did you went to see the concert? Or did you follow the livestream?
Tell me how you experienced it!


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Je foto's zijn echt best goed gelukt! Op mijn foto's lijkt Ed steeds zo'n vet lichtgevend poppetje, haha! Mijn camera kan al dat licht niet aan denk ik. Ik vond het ook echt geweldig! Ik wilde de vorige keer al naar Ed toen hij in Nederland was. Ik baalde echt dat ik er toen niet bij was. Ik vind het zo geniaal hoe hij zichzelf 'dubt' on stage met dat apparaat en daar gewoon in z'n eentje staat. En ik ben ook fan van Julian Perretta, dus ik was helemaal blij, haha!


  2. Echt zo gaaf dat je gewoon naar Ed Sheeran bent geweest! Mega jaloers O:).

    Liefs, Mariette

  3. Ah gaaf, zijn muziek is echt goed! Je foto's zijn idd goed gelukt, dat lukt mij nooit op festivals :)