woensdag 24 oktober 2012

Shoplog Antwerp Forever 21 and more

Hey guys!

I LOOVVEEE Antwerp! Not only is it a perfect city for shopping.
I just love the whole vibe of the city. There are so many creative people.
 I could totally see myself living there.
Also everybody is super nice and has a cute accent. And the guys are really hot haha.
(But seriously it's so unfair. Why does Belgium have so many hot guys and Holland doesn't?)

Anyway... I went on a shopping spree last week and I wanted to show you my buys.

Click if you want to see my buys :D

I got this sweater from a store called Apples. 
You' ll have to search but you will find treasures in this store.

This jacket is from Forever 21.
 I think it would look pretty awesome with some leather leggings and a oversized top.

This skirt is also from Forever 21.
I actually fitted it just for fun and then I found out that it looks super awesome.
It is kind of a cowgirl/rockchick skirt. It's made from leather and I just love those fringes.

 I got this ring at Lucardi it was just €2,50! First I fitted the wrong size and we just couldn't get it off.
Somebody from the staff got some special stuff to get it off apparently it happens more often. ;)

Do you like my buys, and did you went shopping recently?
Tell me!

Lots of love,


7 opmerkingen:

  1. leuke aankoopjes, vooral de trui is super! :) xx

  2. Superleuk! En leuk geschreven, haha

  3. Die trui is leuk! * ik volg je nu :) *

  4. OMG, ik wist niet dat er een forever21 in Antwerpen zat, ik ga daar morgen heen.

  5. Haha die trui had ik ook bijna gekocht toen ik er was! :O
    Leuke dingen heb je gekocht.

  6. Leuke dingen!
    Vooral het spijkerjasje en de ring!