woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Day at the park

Hello everybody! I have some great news. Remember when I was a model for Marjam Sussenbach? If you don't you can read about it here: clickclick  But Marjam asked if we could model for her again. Of course we said yes and we have already fitted our new clothing sets. I have a japanese warrior kinda thing, a blue with black fairytale-ish dress and the same brown draped dress as last time. Vivian has a dress which makes her look like a princess from india, a simple grey dress and an outfit what lady gaga would wear haha.
Marjam has lots of new models and sadly Evi isn't going to be model for her again. But beside that I am really looking forward to the show.

These are just some photos from a lovely sunny day at the park with my sister. We have a pretty cool park because it's above a highway. I love my aztec print skirt and I am obsessed with my backpack.

ps. Pictures of tivoli are next!


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