dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Made by me: Flowerprint Shorts

Hey. I had some Flowerfabric and an old pair of jeans laying around,
so I thought I would make some flowerprint shorts.

All the thing you are going to need.
-An old pair of jeans, flowerfabric, a pair of scissors, chalk, some pins, sandpaper, and a tape-measure.

First decide where you want to cut of the pantleg. It's a good idea to put them on first 
to make sure you don't cut them of too short.

If you want that distressed look. Use your scissors or sandpaper to pull the threads out.
If you wash your shorts they will come out looking really distressed. 
But If you don't want all that go ahead and hem your shorts.

Cut the fabric in the right size and sew it on.
I decided to hem the flowerfabric but of course if you want an even more distressed look
you can decide not to. You can also put some studs on your shorts or attach some chains to it.
The possibility's are endless.

BAM! You got yourself some distressed flowerprint shorts.
Hope you had fun bye!

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  1. Gave post!
    Ik vind dat je bijna niet ziet dat ie homemade is!
    Mooi afgewerkt! X www.scooptheinfinity.blogspot.com