zondag 10 juni 2012

Shoplog Antwerp and Breda Forever21, Newlook,Bershka,H&M and more

I went shopping twice last couple weeks. One time in Antwerp with my mom and once with my friend
in Breda. I bought lots of cool stuff for summer. If just the weather would just be nice again. It's cold and it's raining a lot in Holland right now. It's supposed to be summer! I also bought a really cool dress for my graduation it's from the H&M against aids collection. But I'm talking way to much let's take a look at what I bought.


The pink blouse and the top with the hearts are from Forever21. I think they are so adorable.
And I'm going to pair them with these black lace shorts. I bought it at Appels.

The Rolling stones shirt and the black shorts are from pimkie. 
It sucks that they don't have pimkie in Holland anymore. I love that store.
The aztec print shirt is from Bershka omg they had so many cool stuff there. 
I saw the most perfect shorts ever but I already have so many shorts.
So if you're looking for some shorts go to Bershka.

I just think this feather necklace is really cute.


This top is from Jane Norman in the sale it was just 6 euro's.
When it's sale you should really check out the dresses. 
They have really cute ones which are in the sale only 13 euro's or something.

 This is going to sound kinda weird but I bought this bracelet in a toystore.
In Intertoys you also have a jewelry section and when I was younger 
I bought a lot of jewelry there. So I decided to take a look and they have really cute jewelry for small prices.
This bracelet has lots of quotes on it like live laugh love and I am perfect etc.

TADAAA this is my dress for my graduation (if I graduate). It's from the H&M against aids collection.
At first I thought it would look kinda weird and I just fitted it for fun.
But when I was wearing it I thought omg this dress is awesome.
You don't have to wear something special on your graduation but I just wanted a excuse to buy it.

So that's all I bought what do you think of my clothes.
And what are you going to wear for your graduation?

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachtige aankope, hele mooie sieraden en vind de jurkjes ook geweldig!

  2. Je laatste aankoop is tog een shirt? Wat ga je dan onderaan dragen? :)

    1. Klopt het is eigenlijk een shirt ja. Ik ga er een simpel strak zwart jurkje onder dragen. Je weet wel die bekende 10 euro jurkjes van de H&M.

  3. Superleuke dingen! En ik wil nog wel een foto zien van jou met jou jurk aan! x

  4. Wauuuw super leuke klerennn

    xxxx wij volgen je, neem je een kijkje op onze blog? we zijn net begonnen :$