vrijdag 4 mei 2012

Shoplog H&M against aids, Newlook and more

After studying all week I though it was time to do something fun. So I went shopping yesterday. I didn't buy anything recently so I had lots of money to spend. Here is what I bought.


This is from the H&M fashion against aids collection.
I love it! I wanted to buy everything.
I really liked the bustier too but it didn't fit me. :(
 When I saw this I just had to buy it. It's so cool.


A little bandeau top for under a see through shirt. And a bracelet with spikes
I think this sweater is really cute and the material is really thin so you can wear it in the summer.
I was thinking with a short.

 I'm going to put studs on the collor.

I wanted a necklace like this for so long. And I finally found one Yay!

The Sting

Another cute sweater and it was on sale. haha

So what do you think of the stuff I bought?
And do you like the Fashion against aids collection?

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een leuke aankopen! Dat rokje is vooral erg leuk!

  2. Oeeh dat rokje is echt heel leuk!

    x http://apetitedoll.weblog.nl

  3. super gave aankopen , vooral dat rokje ♥

  4. super leuke shoplog! :-)
    x http://sparkling-sea.blogspot.com/

  5. Wat een superleuke dingen heb je gekocht!
    Erg leuke stijl heb je.

    Liefs, Romy

  6. Die twee grijze truien vind ik het mooist <3

  7. Leuke spulletjes!
    Ik ben echt weg van die h&m collectie!
    Volg je terug? www.wederhelft.blogspot.com/