dinsdag 3 april 2012

Shoplog Rotterdam Primark and Newyorker

Sunday I went shopping in Rotterdam with my sister.
We only have a couple Primarks in Holland, so it's always crowded.
But this time it was just shopping hell!
The rules were: Grab your shit, and get the fuck out!
Even the staff was freaking out.

But all this aside.
I did buy a lot of really cool stuff

When I saw these items in the store i was already thinking of this outfit.
The fitted cap was from the boys section haha 
They have really cool stuff there so I recomment taking a look there too.

I love hippie bracelets. 
And I'm going for a bit more Rock chick style lately 
so the earrings will look very pretty with that.

I really really really really love aztec prints
So i'm really excited that it's actually a trend this year.

I wanted a backpack for a long time. I think i'm going to paint it or something.
So if you have a great idea, Please leave a comment!

I love lace!

Some basic shirts for future diy projects.


I have been looking for this bikini for so long, and i finally found it. And I just thought the shirt would be really cool to wear to a festival or something.

These where all the clothes I bought.
I hope you like them. So tell me what you think in the comments
And if you have an idea to pimp my backpack you can tell me in the comments too.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Dat aztek shirtje van de Primark en het topje van de New Yorker zijn gaaf!

  2. Ik ben er ook eens op zondag geweest. Wat een ramp! Maar je hebt wel leuke aankopen kunnen scoren :-) x